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Why is the agency called JUT-Cetina? PDF Print E-mail
Written by Tonci Jercic   
Saturday, 06 November 2004

ImageJut represents the area, showing  its character through its name, that is to say angryness, so  people who adapted it and who lived in it, had to be "angrier" than it, which means that they were people made of  flint-stone, the ones with indestructible character and physical strength. Only such people could cope Jut,  tame it and adapt it to create a  living in  a community , where  both sides would enjoy  great benefits.

ImageSeen from distance Jut looks like a field full of trees and  lower plants, but by getting closer you see that it's actually rocky ground, full of funnel-shaped holes, cracks and ditches which could be considered unfertile. Our ancestors knew very well that it was not the case, so they cultivated the area. By cattle breeding and grubbing up they turned it into a high quality wine-growing and grass land area, resulting in production of high quality cheese and meat , since the cattle keeps moving all the time, browsing thorn bushes, hornbeams etc.

ImageJut could owe its name to the fact that it has always been an important prerequisite condition for improvement and existence of this region, but nowadays it is unfortunately being more and more neglected and left to decay.

Due to its centuries-long connection with man and his cattle Jut  is  one of the rare parts of nature, which loses its major characteristics, we've got used to. The missing of a larger number of birds and small animals, dwelling in Jut has been  noticed and  number of oak trees is reduced.

In the past Jut  and the  people living in this region used to protect and feed each other until industrialization came, forcing people to move to towns and adapt themselves to the rush of modern time. There is no time to live normally, co-operating with nature any more. It is a well known fact, that Podgrađe, Kostanje and Seoca have the best wine in the region, due to position of wineyards in the rocky ground. These wineyards are called "Pasike". 

ImageJut  was important for existence of this region even in the history , when the area was under attack of different warriors . At that time all inhabitants of our place used to live in Jut, near the canyon of the Cetina river, where  houses were placed. In that way the canyon  protected them from one side.

It was not easy to pass the canyon because the water was high and quick and people would destroy the existing bridges when danger appeared. The extensiveness of Jut protected them from the south. An invader could have never known, behind which stone  or a tree a warrior was hiding, protecting his home. Seldom did someone dare to attack from that side; there were also lots of holes and cracks in the limestone, where people could hide, so that Jut made a sort of  safety and pledge for the existence of our area.

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